Why switch to e-cigs?: 5 things you should know before you do


Many people think that e-cigarettes are just a more fashionable way to smoke, but today they’re actually being used by many health organizations as the newest way to quit the habit for good. If you’ve been thinking of making the change from fire-and-tobacco cigarettes to the new e-cigarettes, here are five pieces of information that you should keep in mind before making the switch.

1. How do e-cigs work?

E-cigs are made-up of four main parts, the e-liquid holder, the vaporizer, the battery, and the LED light. All of these pieces combine to make a smoking experience that is less bothersome to both the smoker and the people surrounding them. E-cigarettes work by vaporizing e-liquid (which contains nicotine) into a vapor that is inhaled by the smoker. The unit runs off of a rechargeable battery.

What are the advantages of E-cigs

2. E-cigs have many advantages over traditional cigarettes, one of them being that they do not contain many of the tars and chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes. This means that smokers will not be exposed to the smell of smoke and the stains that are often found on smokers fingers and teeth, in fact when non-smokers were asked what the vapor from e-cigs smelled like, they tend to say it has no smell at all or that it contains a faint smell of cotton candy.

3. Another reason why making the switch is a great idea, is that e-cigs are currently being touted as one of the best ways for smokers to kick the habit. The e-cig liquid that contains nicotine is available in a number of strengths and allows users to slowly reduce their dependency until they no longer need nicotine at all. The feel of smoking an e-cig is made to simulate that of a traditional cigarette, which also helps give users the satisfying feel of smoking.


4. Fortunately for people trying to move to e-cigs will find that one of the biggest advantages is that the cost of e-cigs is a fraction of that of fire-and-tobacco cigarettes. Most users will find that their vaping expenses drop to at least 1/3 of what they previously were when smoking cigarettes.

5. Although there are no definitive proofs that switching to e-cigs is better for your health than fire-and-tobacco cigarettes, many users have found that they feel better and are more active and responsive after making the switch.

If you’re looking for more information on e-cigs, you can always check-out Blu’s manifest, which outlines all of the advantages and reasons to make the switch.

If you have any thoughts about e-cigs, please feel free to comment below.

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